Fabric artist Diana Brennan

Diana Brennan is a fabric artist and textile designer.  I saw some of her fabric art on display at the Aiguille-en-fete Expo and was fascinated by the pieces.  Suspended from above, the garments gently twirled and floated with an almost ethereal quality, the light playing on the folds of the fabric.

I call them garments – they are not garments in the usual sense.  The pieces on display that captured my interest were created using extremely fine metal fibres – copper and silver – knitted in various stitch patterns, some with beads or other small embellishments incorporated to create the magic light and shadow effect.  They look soft and dreamy – not what you would expect from metal fibres – they are simply beautiful.

I used my limited French to compliment the artist then, after I discovered that she originates from Australia I struck up a conversation with her.  Diana is charming; she has lived and worked in France for over twenty years, having come here initially to take up a scholarship for further study in fabric art/design.  She now teaches textile design techniques at the Ecole Superieur Duperre for Applied Art.

Some of her works are on display at the PowerhouseMuseum in Sydney until June as part of the “Make Lace not War” exhibition.  I’m hoping to see more of her exhibitions here.  So there you go, just recently I told you I didn’t really understand modern and contemporary art forms, I understood the beauty of this.

Here is a link and picture of some of the pieces.


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