March snowfall

Clearly I was premature in predicting that Spring was around the corner. The weather has done a complete 180 degree turn and plunged us back into winter here in Paris and throughout the northern region of France. Yesterday we awoke to a thick covering of snow and it carried on snowing all day causing traffic chaos for travellers. Train loads of school holiday trippers were trapped en route and motorway traffic slid to a standstill. Big snowfalls are apparently not normal at this time, but neither are they unknown in March. Military history buffs will know that terrible weather in Feb and March 1916 played an important part in the World War I Battle of Verdun in North West France.

Pont Alexander III

Yesterday it was cold but pretty, today I’m over the pretty. The melting snow froze solid overnight and with blue sky and a bit of sunshine this morning we had footpaths like luge runs with an inch deep layer of ice to negotiate.

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III

Thankfully our small apartment is warm, and it’s great weather for knitting.

My wool stash.

My wool stash.

There is plenty of lovely wool in the stash I brought with me to keep me going for at least another winter, even some of the iconic Glen Mist brand from Kaiapoi Woollen Mills that I have been keeping for years. It won’t go out of fashion.

At the moment though I have a riot of zig-zagging colour on my needles for a summer top from the latest Rowan knitting magazine; a design called “Hip”. I remain optimistic that Spring and Summer will come.


Work in progress;  Hip design from Rowan Knitting & Crochet Mag 53.

Work in progress; Hip design from Rowan Knitting & Crochet Mag 53.

The weather was also the perfect excuse to indulge in a French style, thick hot chocolate in one of the nice cafes near Square Batignolles this afternoon. Really, I can’t complain.


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