A little knitting boutique in Paris

Le Comptoir at 26 Rue Cadet

Le Comptoir at 26 Rue Cadet

One of the pleasures of living in Paris for me is discovering knitting, yarn and craft boutiques – and of course to spend time knitting.  This post is about a yarn and craft boutique that’s on my list of favourite spots: la petite boutique du Comptoir on rue Cadet in the 9th arondissement.  It’s not that far from the Grand Magasins on Boulevard Haussman, I walked there map in hand with no trouble, although the Cadet Metro is closer.

I first discovered Le Comptoir on line a couple of years ago when I was fossicking around on the internet looking for knitting shops in Paris.  There it was, so pretty and interesting; I clicked the Facebook like button and began my followship of Le Comtpoir.  It was good practice reading the updates in French and imagining myself one day visiting and shopping there.  I didn’t know I would be living in Paris at that stage.

I have now visited the real boutique a couple of times.  My first visit was full of anticipation, I had waited to schedule the occasion until my French was a bit better, I felt more confident, and I actually needed some yarn for a particular project.  I didn’t want to shatter my vision of popping in all Parisienne like to parler en français.  There was quite an expectation to live up to, for both me and the boutique itself.

Shelves stocked with yarn

Shelves stocked with lovely yarn


I had a lovely visit – it’s a quaint little boutique, with a super range of yarns in all sorts of colours and textures (most of them are sold on line on the boutique site), knitting kits and patterns plus all sorts of other very pretty mercerie – buttons, ribbons, threads – and lovely accessories; knitting needles, craft scissors and books.  I could have spent even longer there looking at things, there’s plenty of reason for future visits still.

I spoke in French, completely for the whole visit, albeit with a few hesitations and probably quite a few mistakes but the owner, Barbara was kind enough to even compliment me on my French.  I bought some gorgeous gold-green yarn, a melange of 70% kid mohair and 30% silk from an Italian brand Grignasco, and some Debbie Bliss extra fine merino lace-weight yarn to make the “Symi wrap” from Rowan Magazine number 53.  I have enough of the mohair-silk yarn to make something else which is an idea still percolating in my head.

So now, the visit is over; expectations were met, the stitches are on the needles and the project is coming along nicely.  I have visions of wearing my stylish wrap on a summer evening promenade.

good progress on Symi wrap

good progress on Symi wrap

Symi wrap on the needles

Symi wrap on the needles


One thought on “A little knitting boutique in Paris

  1. Gorgeous! Are you taking orders for the wrap? Put me down for one! XXX CB

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