Out of the Ordinary

Designer’s Days has been an annual event in Paris for about 13 years now, the 2013 edition was running last week from 4-9 June.  According to the publicity it’s a platform for creation where all around Paris various events, installations, exhibitions, commissions, visions and dreams from all areas of contemporary creation are intended to generate debate and discussion and showcase the artistic talent of French designers.   To our surprise we were invited to a couple of events in this year’s edition of D’Days.

The first was a soirée at the Poltrona Frau furniture design store in Rue de Bac where French designer Vincent Darré had created a window installation like a surrealist film set.  I am in awe of the creative talent of these artistic types and wonder what visionary imaginative thought goes into the creation of his interior design works.  My brain’s talent is to make things ordinary and sensible, structured and organised.  This soirée was out of the ordinary in so many ways.  I have never been in the company of so many achingly trendy people, including Monsieur Darré himself.  A fabulous musical group provided entertainment and as for the installation itself, while I can’t begin to explain the meaning, it was an eccentric and elegant mix of imagination and beautiful things.

Later in the week we visited a small gallery in Pantin, an outlying suburb in the North of Paris that is known for its concentration of artists and galleries.  You might remember I came across an Australian fibre artist Diana Brennan a while ago.  This time she had combined talent and creative inspiration with a glass maker Vanessa Mitrani and together they have created beautiful pieces incorporating fibre and glass which were being exhibited as part of the D’Days event at Maison Revel gallery.

Collaborative works by Diana Brennan and Vanessa Mitrani

Collaborative works by Diana Brennan and Vanessa Mitrani

Simply living in Paris is out of the ordinary and these events intensify the experience; all because we bought a couple of armchairs from Poltrona Frau a while ago and I got chatting with a fellow Antipodean at a knitting Expo.


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