Back to the knitting

At L' Oisive The, wearing  Coeur de Lion shawl

At L’ Oisive The, wearing Coeur de Lion shawl

There is nothing like getting back to my knitting to restore a sense of equilibrium and order – and I do like a sense of order and structure (as you know!).  The last few weeks flew by in too much of a blur.  We met up with three lots of lovely long-time friends who were visiting Paris on holiday or at conferences at the Palais de Congres, and another couple, also dear friends from Auckland and now living in England, popped over to stay with us for a long weekend.  I had been looking forward to seeing everyone – it’s always a treat when there’s an opportunity to catch up and what better place than Paris?

As well there have been the various soirees I’ve mentioned in my posts.  So my knitting has had to take a back seat to the social whirl.

At the end of last week I restored order and set about finishing the shawl “Coeur de Lion” that has been on the needles for a while.

Coeur de Lion pattern

Coeur de Lion pattern

I knitted this in French – well I mean the pattern is written in French.  I had no trouble following it; in fact I didn’t translate the instructions I just read and understood them.  As I was knitting along my mumbled recitation of the pattern was in French, and I counted stitches in French.  That’s progress.

It’s the first time I have knitted a triangular shawl, and also the first time I have had to block the finished garment to reveal the lace pattern at its best, particularly in the tips, so it was a learning experience on several levels.  I’m very pleased with the finished job.  Wool is such a fabulous yarn to work with.

Coeur de Lion shawl

Coeur de Lion shawl

I’ve finished the knitting on another project; I’ll write more about that in a post soon when I have sewn it up; not my favourite part of knitting projects.  I’ve also planned the next few projects and started two of them.  These are relatively simple items – scarves and ties – that won’t take long and will be easy to pick up as time permits over the summer.  There is great excitement ahead with family visitors coming here soon and a holiday together with both our grown up cherubs (offspring) and their loved ones.

There you have it – normal transmission resumed.


Knitting details:

Coeur de Lion shawl design by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne

Knitted in Sweet Georgia Tough Love wool yarn from L’ Oisive The, Paris


7 thoughts on “Back to the knitting

  1. Febr12 says:

    This shawl looks gorgeous!

  2. If all yarn stores look like that, I am going to be brushing up my French! That place is a dream! I love the color of the shawl. Beautiful.

  3. kiwiyarns says:

    Ooh, I like the size of that shawl! It’s a good size so that you can wrap yourself in it. It looks fabulous too!

  4. Liz Wignall says:

    Love your shawl Keiry and enjoying reading your blog. You are really making the most of your time in Paris. Love to all the family. Liz Wignall

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