Lil Weasel

Lil Weasel is a pretty little knitting boutique tucked away in the “Passage du Grand Cerf” – an historic arcade in the 2nd arrondissement that runs between Rue Saint Denis and the intersection of Rue Dussoubs with Rue Marie Stuart.  I usually go to it from Rue Marie Stuart because I like to wander along Rue Montorgueil first; it’s a food lover’s paradise, there’s a favourite clothing boutique and it’s also not far from yet another of my knitting destinations.

I’ve been to Lil Weasel a couple of times recently making sure I’ve got everything I need for summer holiday knitting.  Many shops in Paris, especially the small boutiques, close for a couple of weeks or more over late July and August, and perish the thought of not having yarn on hand for projects.

Lil Weasel is such a cheerful and appealing place; there are yarns of every colour in wool and cotton enticingly displayed in their storage cubes on the wall, as well as sewing notions and fabrics and all sorts of lovely knitting accessories and equipment.  I have my eye on a kit of crochet hooks – just in case I ever run out of knitting projects.

The other boutiques in the Passage du Grand Cerf tempt passers by with their beautiful wares too.  I’ve gazed with delight into the trendy designer jewellery shops and admired the floral displays at the flower boutique at the Rue Saint-Denis end.  Bathed in summer sunshine this arcade is quite charming and well worth a visit, not just for knitters.

Just FYI – apparently the area around the Rue Saint Denis end is a mini red-light district.  I didn’t know that until I was writing this!  I’ve only visited the arcade in the daylight and haven’t taken much notice of the surrounding area at that end.


2 thoughts on “Lil Weasel

  1. I was just in Paris for a day and thanks to your blog I was able to go this shop. I enjoyed this textile store and the paper art store next door. Keep up the great blog.

  2. […] I got a reel of blackcurrant-coloured metallicised thread for a project I have in mind.  Next stop Lil Weasel so that I could do some yarn research for my next knitting work, then a couple of places on rue […]

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