Posting from paradise

We’re staying in Atrani, a little village on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I’m posting this using my mobile phone so it will be a bikini post; brief!

It really is as magnificent as any photos you’ve seen. The water is so clear I can see the stones and rocks in the sea from our balcony. We’ve swum at small hidden beaches accessed down hillside paths, the sea is warm, gentle and so inviting.

Colours are intense in the sunshine, from the sparkling deep turquoise sea to explosions of bright pink bouganvillia decorating the hillside, and in villages bold bright flowers bloom in pots and clamber up pale stone walls.

Equally the soft pink, peach, cream and honey colours of worn stone buildings that scramble up hillsides make an impression. Think white linen, Panama hats and romantic stories.

It’s no wonder the Amalfi Coast has so often inspired writers, movie makers and artists. It’s every bit as beautiful as I imagined.






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