Capri and Positano

One last post about our holiday before I knuckle down and get on with my French lessons again.  We did a couple of day trips, one to the Island of Capri and the other to Positano, further along the coast from Amalfi.

At Positano I found a shop, (Artigianato Rallo) that makes sandals to order while you wait.  A bit of a gimmick, but quite fun all the same.  Positano is bigger than Amalfi and Atrani, still every bit as pretty, but more commerce dedicated to tourists.  It was lovely to wander about exploring the tiny streets, taking time for a leisurely lunch and a late afternoon swim at a tiny beach accessed down a hill path.

The island of Capri – famous for…………..Capri pants of course.  Yes that really is right, they were designed by Sonja de Lennart in 1948 – her Capri collection apparently named because she loved Capri – and soon after Audrey Hepburn wore them in the film Roman Holiday and they’ve been the in-thing ever since.

Capri was very pretty, and full of tourists; some very well heeled.  I spotted a couple of people who could have been Victoria Beckham they looked so posh.  Capri has been the holiday resort for many a celeb – there were photos in shops of famous visitors.  I think it was in the lovely perfume shop Carthusia, where I was buying Fiori di Capri, that I saw a picture of Clark Gable arm in arm with a glamorous woman, (Clark Gable starred with Sophia Loren in a film called “It started in Naples”, which was partly filmed in Capri in 1959) and there were pics of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Princess Grace (Kelly) elsewhere.  There are some very classy looking hotels, restaurants and shops – its definitely movie-star territory.

Capri is pricey.  Still it was worth the trip and we did see the famous blue grotto looking very blue.  After taking a motor boat to the grotto location we were transferred one by one into small row boats to be taken inside the grotto (a sea filled cave) in a process that was achieved relatively quickly despite the sense of chaos on the water.  There must have been some system it just wasn’t obvious to us, but there was a lot of shouting and gesturing amongst the boat drivers and the row boat operators.

And there endeth the wonderful holiday, certainly one to remember for the beauty and romance of the region.  There are some more photos of Capri and Positano here.   I’m inspired by the colours and ambiance of the Costiera Amalfitana for some new knitting ideas; for the long term version of the project list….


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