La rentrée – happy new knitting-year

Last week it was time for students to go back to school and businesses to open up again.  It’s called La Rentrée – the return.  It’s a BIG deal here; it seemed more of an event than the usual return-to-school season that I’m used to in New Zealand.  Probably because in NZ not so many businesses close up for annual holidays as they do here.  With all “la Rentrée” hype I felt quite out of sync with my mental calendar.  It’s the seasonal equivalent of March, it seemed like February but it’s actually September.

I’m used to managing quite comfortably with a calendar year, a financial year, a contract year, even an academic year all running at the same time.  So I thought I’d be on a winner if I created a Knitting Year starting 1st September.   Happy new knitting year!

My first new-knitting-year resolution was to finish a couple of WIPs.  They had become a burden, glaring at me from the cupboard, all knitted but waiting to be sewn up, and now woohoo they are done.


Kit L’enfant d’éléphant

The first was a gorgeous kit I had bought at La Droguerie soon after I arrived in Paris.  This store is a real treasure trove for craftspeople; not just knitters.  There are bazillions of beads, reels of ribbons from richly coloured brocade types to delicate lacey jobs, pretty edging fabrics, buttons for fun and buttons with a history, feathers, sequins and best of all (for me) miles and miles of yarn.  Already made up garments from La Droguerie’s  pattern range are on display and they are so pretty and inspiring I think I want to make them all.  Some of the designs are for sale in beautifully presented kits – I could not resist.  The yarn they sell is La Droguerie’s brand; they wind it from cones depending on what you need.  I’ve bought as little as 20g (maybe 25g) when I needed a certain colour for a fairisle project, and there is a good range of yarn types (content) and weights.

P1010142So my cute little elephant sweater kit was easy to knit and a marathon to finish; sewing on two elephants ears, embroidering tails, tusks and eyes, making the cords for the hood, sleeves and sweater….and so on.


I’m pleased with the end product; it was worth the effort for sure.

The finished product

The finished product







As for practical details, La Droguerie is very easy to find near Les Halles and St Eustache at 11 rue du Jour in the 1st arrondissement.  It’s well known and popular so the downside is that you usually have to wait some time to be attended to.  I’ve waited 40-45 minutes but once it was my turn I got full attention.  I think La Droguerie is a must-see if you are interested in making things, it’s full of inspiration, and yes worth the wait.

Elephant motif on the pocket

Elephant motif on the pocket


3 thoughts on “La rentrée – happy new knitting-year

  1. A knitting new year in September is a great idea in North America. The summer heat slows my enthusiasm for knitting; whereas the fall color and fast approaching sweater weather gets my creative juices going. And then there is Christmas fast approaching.

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    So cute!!! I think that’s a great resolution. Looking forward to seeing your next one.

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