Time for a fashion fix

If you are like me and get pleasure from fashion and clothes and shopping then what could be more enjoyable than a fashion reconnaissance mission – or two or three – in Paris?  There’s hardly a better place than the big department stores to search out what’s looking hot for winter.  Le Bon Marché over the river in the 7th arrondissement and Printemps and Galeries Lafayette side by side on Boulevard Haussman reign supreme as temples of style and fashion, but the little boutiques out of the city centre offer nice surprises too.  I have a few favourites in the 17th that are worth a visit.

As I executed my mission, (I don’t need the shop floor plans anymore) I spied with my little eye…..delicious, dark, ripe berry colours; colours of Chianti and Bordeaux, paired with black and probably fifty different shades of grey.

Mustard and tan featured, as well as elegant deep peacock blue colours.

There were boots, boots and more beautiful boots, and better still; brogues.  I think brogues are going to be my treat this season.  I’ve seen French women wearing them looking terribly chic, so I hope I can emulate the look when I’m out walking wearing a gorgeous pair.

I oohed and aahed when I set eyes on the knitwear.  I touched it, stroked it, and examined details of the patterns and fibre content.  Every designer brand name had knitted jerseys, cardigans, scarves, hats and more.  There was a ton of texture with patterns and cables, luxuriously soft cashmere, shimmery threads added for interest and even bejewelled accessories.

Absolutely, completely and utterly, knitted garments have escaped Fuddy-Duddy and captured Chic.  Such inspiration – I am so glad I can knit.  The needles are busy.




4 thoughts on “Time for a fashion fix

  1. kiwiyarns says:

    Thank you for that lovely tour. I do miss that kind of thing. I had to chuckle at the reference to sweaters and knitting… hehe. I think that too! How nice to be able to knit our very own, chic sweaters.

    • keiryberry says:

      Glad you liked the tour, and yes knitting our own chic sweaters is the best. I always make sure I have a good look at just what they’ve done in the way of design, check the fibre content and take mental notes.

  2. mirandatcs says:

    The texture on these pieces is PHENOM!


  3. […] Amongst the winter clothing ranges in stores here there are even more beautiful wool garments than I noticed last year.  The fashion glossies like Vogue are full of models snuggled, wrapped or elegantly suited up in […]

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