Socks and stashdowns

Woweee, the blogosphere and my email inbox is buzzing with people making exciting plans for travel, for new ventures and knitting adventures.  2014 is going to be a cracker year.

Orange Madelinetosh merino  yarn for Fox Faces socks.

Orange Madelinetosh merino yarn for Fox Faces socks.

It seems to me that socks are the in-thing for knitting and I am so glad about that.  Even though I have been knitting on and off for aeons I knitted my first pair of socks just last year.  Knitting those socks was one of the most enjoyable projects ever.  Just my hands, plus four smooth, skinny sticks, pointy at both ends, and about 100 grams of the best natural fibre in the world; wool.  Merino wool to be specific, with a self striping paint job dyed in the wool.  No electricity required, no settings to programme, no apps to download, files to file or buttons to press, just simple, timeless knitting.  Travelling back from Rome last year our flight was delayed after boarding.  While we sat onboard, waiting on the tarmac 45 minutes or so, the sounds of people getting slowly more antsy and impatient rustled through the cabin.  I was happily entertained by the stripey pattern emerging from my pointy sticks and wool.  A sock knitting kit is my new travelling accessory.

A few of the bloggers I follow have been talking socks; Kiwiyarns and Notjustknitting are both planning loads of lovely sock knitting.  I’ve soaked up all the information about New Zealand knitting yarns from their posts and felt a mite homesick looking at gorgeous photos of Wellington and the Wairarapa and their knitting projects.  Over in the USA Sarah at Knittingsarah is inviting knitters to join her knit-a-long to do some sock knitting every day in 2014.  There’s no target number of socks to knit, just the goal to knit a bit everyday.  There’s the bonus of knitting with on-line company via the Ravelry thread and loads of help if I need it.  So, I’m in; it sounds perfect and fits in well with another project that I’ve  joined, the L’Oisivethé  Ravelry thread “Stashdown12 in 2014” .  We have agreed to complete one project each month using wool already in our stash cupboard, but there’s no restriction on other knitting projects that might require acquisition of new yarns.  (Hooray)

My first up sock project is going to be Fox Faces Socks by Nancy Bush using bright orange Madelinetosh sock yarn already in my stash.

Also on my needles, and nearly finished, I have the Garland jersey from Pompom Quarterly magazine #7, (that’s also using some mohair yarn from my stash), there’s the Debbie Bliss Snowflake jersey for my son’s girlfriend and of course the Rose Garden crochet blanket I started in November.  That about covers my group knitting goals and my own requirements for colourful knitting, complex knitting, portable knitting, gift knitting and learning-something-new knitting.

2014 is off to a great start, so much socialising and knitting  to look forward to.


9 thoughts on “Socks and stashdowns

  1. I adore your take on socks knitting – no apps to download, no electricity required, etc – so true! So glad you are a part of the KAL!

  2. Sounds great, Keiry! I do agree about the way knitting (and,- in my case on long train journeys – tatting which is even less bulky to carry around than socks) is the very best way to take everything with patience … and to stay awake during evenings when otherwise you’d be yawning your head off – social conventions permitting, of course!
    I’m glad to see some such enthusiasm for 2014 (while most of the rest is doom and gloom!) Keep on happily knitting!

    • keiryberry says:

      I do remember your tatting, and that I was very impressed with it. Do you still have time for tatting? I imagine it could be a nice antidote to the demands of the Charolles organ project that keeps you very busy.

  3. kiwiyarns says:

    Your projects look awesome, and I’m especially in awe of the snowflake sweater. Looking forward to seeing your socks for this year too!

  4. Carmel says:

    I love the snowflake sweater , very clever ! I see you have knitted an owls by Kate Davies , I’m knitting the same at the moment and will be attempting my first sock soon. Have just been reading your blog and reminiscing over Paris , it’s such a lovely place . I’m a kiwi living in Wales 🙂 , originally from the Waikato !

    • keiryberry says:

      Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes the owls jersey turned out very well, just a lot of buttons to sew on for the owl eyes! Bon courage with the socks, let me know how you get on via Ravelry if you like.

      • carmel says:

        ok cool, ill try and hook up with you on rav. im making myself complete the owls before i go on with the socks, but certainly ill show you my progress. i fancy using that “mind the gap” sock yarn thats so popular at the moment.

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