The genteel delights of Passy

Elle Tricote in Passy

Elle Tricote in Passy

Passy is a genteel, refined neighbourhood in the 16th arrondissement in Paris.  It’s a very different type of neighbourhood to where we live; it’s lively without having the small business hustle and bustle of our quartier, it’s not as cosmopolitan, it’s cleaner, it’s wealthy and prestigious.  It interests me for a number of reasons.  Passy is the neighbourhood where Jane Paech lived and wrote about in her book A Family in Paris.  I fell in love with this book at first browse in the bookstore; it’s laugh-out-loud funny in places, full of handy information that I’ve relied on here, and as an expat in Paris I think her story is a genuine account of what it’s like, especially for those of us from down-under.  (I read on Jane’s blog knife and fork in the road that she has a new book coming out soon called “Delicious Days in Paris” – that might entertain me some more.)

Passy is close to the Musee Marmottan Monet famous for its Impressionist artworks displayed in a beautiful house, (I wrote about my visit there in this post).  Other notable places in the 16th include the Musee Galliera (used to be called the City of Paris Fashion Museum) and Parc des Princes, the home ground of Paris St Germain football club where David Beckham played last year.

Just off rue Passy, the main street in the rather nice shopping area, there is a lovely knitting and yarn boutique; Elle Tricote at 7 rue Duban.

Elle Tricote has a big range of Lang yarns; a Swiss (parent) company with a German subsidiary, and other European yarns (listed on their website).  I was very tempted by the lovely bright colours in good quality yarns for sock knitting – I’m into socks at the moment.  Elle Tricote also has beautiful kits for fine lace shawls and garments that are very different to other designs in the way the coloured yarns are featured in the pattern.  It was their multicoloured lace shawl I saw at the Aiguille-en-fete exposition last year that really took my fancy and that first had me searching out this boutique.

I had a lovely visit to the boutique just recently; the proprietor is super friendly and helpful.  I bought yarn in variegated blue-green colours with a little bit of sparkle in it that I plan to knit a shawl with.  I already have in mind the outfits that I’ll wear it with.  We also had quite a conversation (in French) about yarns as I had been on a mission to track down some very special knitting yarn made in NZ from possum fur with cashmere and silk – Zealana Air – and according to an online source the European distributor of Zealana yarn supplies some yarns to Elle Tricote.  It turned out that Zealana yarns are not stocked in Paris, but never mind, there are visitors coming this year and they might find room in their suitcase for a few balls of Zealana Air.  Meanwhile my knitting and crochet adventures continue with the abundance of Northern hemisphere yarns right on my doorstep.  I promise an update on the works-in-progress soon.


7 thoughts on “The genteel delights of Passy

  1. janepaech says:

    Hi Keiry
    Great memories and thanks for your kind words!

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    Such a yummy-looking yarn store!! I hope you share your sock projects soon. Such a pity they don’t stock Zealana Air. It is an absolutely stunning yarn, and would fit very well in their shop, by the looks of it. I’m glad you’ve got visitors bringing some over to you. 🙂

  3. Carmel says:

    I’m knitting my owls in Lang merino chunky !!! Just hoping it fits once I’m finished . Nearly finished my first pair of socks as well . Slow progress as in the middle of moving !

    • keiryberry says:

      You are doing well! Hope the knitting provides a moment of respite from moving stress and doesn’t add to it.

      • Carmel says:

        It does , but I feel guilty as I think I should be doing more important things ! I think I deserve a break though as I’m onto round 2 of chicken pox …. Such great timing !

  4. Can’t give a report on anything I’m knitting/crocheting/tatting/weaving … but I do enjoy your accounts and photos. Best love!

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