Snowflakes, roses, thunder and blazes.

Snowflake jersey (Debbie Bliss design)

Snowflake jersey (Debbie Bliss design)

Winter is almost over (fingers crossed), I’ve finished knitting the Snowflake jersey, sewn it up and am now admiring the way the motifs match up where the sleeve joins the body.  Yes, I know it should do that but while knitting is in progress there is always a tiny seed of self doubt and then the quality of sewing up can make or break the final look.  Verdict: I am relieved and happy; the dark navy background with white snowflake motifs is quite striking; a Debbie Bliss design in her Fall/Winter 2011 magazine.

Snowflake and heart motifs

Snowflake and heart motifs

If the timing seems out of kilter fear not, I was working to a southern hemisphere winter delivery date for that project, we’re in good time.

The arrival of spring here is providing me with all the encouragement I need to crack on with the rose garden crochet blanket based on the Dune shawl pattern.  I’m working to a plan to finish this by early summer when the Paris rose gardens that first inspired the idea are in full bloom.

Crochet squares for my rose garden blanket

Crochet squares for my rose garden blanket

Two yarns in particular have turned out beyond my expectations.  The nuances of the colour shifts in the dark green yarn “Lost Meadow” (Sokkusu Original from Socktopus) and the greenish-beige Araucania yarn (Botany Lace) are both superb; they blend or blossom depending on the yarn colour each is next to.  I love working with colour and this project is a perfect counterpoint to a monochrome one, or something that requires more precise matching of pattern and yarn gauge.

Also on the needles: the third sock project for my Socks with Sarah knitalong.  These ones are called “Hermione’s everyday socks” and the purple/orange yarn is Thunder and Blazes (Sokkusu Original by Socktopus).

Thunder & Blazes for socks

Thunder & Blazes for socks

Did I say I like using lots of colour?  I do.  But I don’t wear all colours, only those “prescribed” in my Chroma Autumn colour wallet.  Warm browns, gold, red, rust, teal blue, emerald greens, olive, periwinkle, beige, peach and ivory.  I love these colours; I do not deviate from them, it’s liberating rather than limiting.  When, for example, fashion dictates that black and white hounds tooth check, or nautical navy stripes are “in” I am spared.  Those colours look great on other people, not me.  I still like them.  I especially enjoy knitting them for my nearest and dearest; there is nothing better than admiring the finished product when it suits the wearer to a Tee.

PS:  yarn details

Sokkusu O colours “Lost Meadow” and “Thunder & Blazes” fingering weight 100% superwash merino yarn from L’Oisivethe Paris.

Araucania, Botany Lace, colour PT1652, fingering weight 100% merino from Le Bon Marche, Paris.


15 thoughts on “Snowflakes, roses, thunder and blazes.

  1. got2focus says:

    The colors are great! Rose garden blanket looks amazing.

  2. lucyannluna says:

    Love your granny squares & the snowflake jumper.

  3. barbara says:

    This post has a wonderfully poetic title . And the knitting projects are so beautiful !

  4. Granny Squares of Love says:

    So very pretty!

  5. kiwiyarns says:

    Your blanket is stunning!!! So is the sweater. Well done you!! I almost thought the socks were in Knitsch Odelay – the colour is very similar. Isn’t Sokkusu O such a yummy yarn!

    • keiryberry says:

      Thanks! Funny you should mention Odelay, I ordered some at the same time as the Air. I love the look of it. And yes the Sokkusu is superb; crochet and knitting.

  6. The snowflake sweater looks terrific! Lucky Kiwi who gets to wear this jumper.

  7. All beautiful! I grew up wearing lots of sweaters, mittens and hats with the snowflake motif … brings back memories!

  8. Carmel says:

    The jumper and blanket are both lovely !! I especially love the jumper !! Love snow print / Scandi designs !

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