Sock debacles

Earlier this week I started winding the skein of sock wool for my next SockswithSarah project.  I like to be ready to cast on as soon as the current project is finished.  (Even before it’s finished sometimes; the excitement of casting on, which leads to an affliction called castonitis, is something lots of knitters talk about.)

I don’t have a ball winder; I just loop the skein around the back of two dining chairs and wind by hand.  It’s worked well so far.  Winding is quite a relaxing task where you can let your mind wander a little.  Famous. Last. Words.  Somehow this happened.

Yarn debacle

Yarn debacle

I don’t know how, just one of those cosmic moments where shit happens, and it did.  My first attempt to sort it simply made it worse.  I left it for 24-hours in thinking-time.  Now this yarn is intended for a pair of socks for my son.  He’s already a clever and charming young man (I’m his Mum I can say that), but these socks are going to be magic socks that will give him special powers because the yarn has been wound with every ounce of patience and problem-solving juice I could muster.

I figured I needed to get a little tension on the tangled web so I looped the remaining half-skeins over the backs of 2 sets of chairs with the real mess in the middle so that I could follow the thread.  Slowly but surely it worked, not even any cursing, or cutting, was required.  I have been rewarded with this neat ball of gorgeous blue-green Malabrigo superwash merino wool.

Malabrigo Kettle Dyed superwash merino.   Indiecita (416)

Malabrigo Kettle Dyed superwash merino. Indiecita (416)









Now the socks I am finishing, Hermione’s Everyday Socks, are another story.  The first sock is the one on the right.

Not quite a pair

Not quite a pair

I noticed as I knitted into the heel flap, turned it and worked into the gusset that the colour pools turned to stripes as the number of stitches on the needle changed.  Aha, the mathematics of sock knitting manifesting itself.  Even though my gauge had tested OK  I  felt the sock was a little loose at the half-way try on so, having read some helpful comments on the SockswithSarah Ravelry thread about modifying for shape, I took a punt and decreased more gusset stitches than stated in the pattern.  When  I knitted down the foot beautiful stripes materialised as I had suspected they might.

I started sock #2 with the same stitch count as I had used for foot #1; lo and behold the stripes.  Finally with sock#1 and sock#2 not looking quite a pair, and sock#2 fitting perfectly,  I decided to undo sock#1 down to the heel flap and re-knit it upwards with the reduced stitch count.  Unravelling from the top down doesn’t work so I cut through sock#1 above the heel flap (yes I really did, with scissors) and carefully pulled away the cut threads to reveal live stitches which I picked up.  I’ve re-wound the once-knitted yarn and as I knit briskly up the leg, splendrous stripes are emerging.  Hoorah.

Reknitting sock#1 from the heel flap upwards.  I picked up stitches after cutting about where the blue stitch marker is.

Reknitting sock#1 from the heel flap upwards. I picked up stitches after cutting about where the blue stitch marker is.


That is why my intended post for this week is a little delayed.  Problems solved, I’ll be with you again shortly.


8 thoughts on “Sock debacles

  1. Here is proof positive that knitting is not for idiots!

  2. Carmel says:

    You have so much patience , don’t think I could have coped with all of those problems !!

  3. kiwiyarns says:

    Well done you!! There’s nothing worse than tangled yarn, and I am so very grateful to a generous knitting person who gave me their old swift. All kudos to you for having the patience to untangle it. And such cool sock striping! You did the right thing there – those stripes are magnificent!

  4. Oh, I have been in your shoes — more times than I care to remember! All in a day’s work though! Glad you hung with it — sometimes, you just have to survive an hours long untangling to get that skein of yarn. 😉

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