Golden weather

Dashwood Sauvignon blanc 2013

Dashwood Sauvignon blanc 2013

September.  Autumn.  Winter’s approach is inevitable, but in the last few weeks there’s been no sense of hurry along in the weather.  The warm sunny days stretch into benign evenings; perfect for special soirees.  Our friends said come along to a wine tasting at our local wine cellar, there’s New Zealand wine on the menu de degustation.  We didn’t need asking twice!  We met up at Les Caves de Reuilly on Boulevard de Reuilly in the 12th and joined the throng of people (easily 100+) enjoying samples of bio/natural (organic) wines from Chile, Italy, Spain, California, Argentina and New Zealand.

Now, one of the things about New Zealand that I really miss is screw caps on wine bottles.  That confession may well have some of you reeling in horror.  For me there is nothing so evocative of a gentle NZ summer evening than the crick crackle of the screw cap opening before the first sip.  And so, with much anticipation I bought a bottle of the Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc (2013); what a delicious treat, nostalgia in a bottle.  At our table we hailed from Mexico, NZ, USA, France, Netherlands and Finland.  English was the common language, and we were in unison as to the verdict on the NZ wine.

Twenty-four hours later with the weather still in top form we were out enjoying another balmy evening, this time taking our seats under the stars for Don Giovanni Opera en Plein Air staged in the courtyard (the cour d’ honneur) of L’ Hotel des Invalides.  It was quite a spectacular setting with the golden dome bright in the navy blue sky and the statue of Napoleon at times washed in colour from the stage lighting below.  Together with the music and voices it was a wonderful evening.

Opera en plen air staged in the cour d' honneur at l' Hotel des Invalides.

Opera en plen air staged in the cour d’ honneur at l’ Hotel des Invalides.


Autumn can keep up its slow progress; there’s plenty to like about it.


8 thoughts on “Golden weather

  1. Carmel says:

    That sounds so lovely and grown up. We have had the odd wine here in hk with the kids at our local expat club but it’s still very hot . I never thought I would ever say this but I can’t wait for winter !!! My parents arrive next week for a month so I’m looking forward to some exploring and knitting with mum !!! Please let me know if you ever stop by in hk , hopefully I’ll know all the good yarn stores soon enough !!

  2. Janne says:

    Lovely to hear about those beautiful evenings! We are just back from Noosaville – to rain, grey skies, and a turbulent Labour Party!

    • keiryberry says:

      Oh dear, that’s the downside of a winter escape isn’t it. Have been following election and post election on line. A bit like the weather, sunshine in some places, grey skies and rain elsewhere!

  3. In my book, “crick crackle” can never be quite so sensual as the “pop” of a cork!

  4. janepaech says:

    Oh, it all sounds just sublime! How I miss Paris.

    • keiryberry says:

      And it continues, (touch wood). Mornings are cool and crisp now. Chestnut trees turning brown and the conkers drop with a plonk; you have to be careful where you sit in the park.

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