Seriously good knitting


Knitting Fair Isle wristlets

Knitting Fair Isle wristlets

Knit night, or tricot-soirée, at L’ Oisivethé has become quite the place to be on Wednesday evenings.  As soon as the event is posted on the Ravelry group page on Sunday evening the places are snapped up by knitters from near and far.  There is the core group of Paris based knitters; both the French tricoteuses and the expat knitters like me who enjoy having a place to meet up and chat in our native languages as well as to practise our French in kind company.  Then there are visitors from elsewhere in France and from all around the globe; USA, Mexico, Norway, Australia.  It has been a real pleasure to meet such lovely women and to be able to keep in touch via Ravelry, Facebook and Instagram.  Knitting is like a universal language that we all speak, and regardless of being beginners or experts the conviviality of our knit nights is perfect.

As if that is not enough, last week I enjoyed two special events at L’ Oisivethé.  First up was the special book-signing evening for US based designer Gudrun Johnson’s second Shetland Trader book.

Gudrun Johnson, author, designer The Shetland Trader

Gudrun Johnson, author, designer The Shetland Trader 


As well as getting to meet Gudrun, whose designs I admire immensely, we were able to see and fondle (!) the knitted up garments featured in her book.  I barely had time to update my to-do list with new “heart’s desire” projects before I was back the next evening to participate in a Fair Isle masterclass with MaryJane Mucklestone.  What. A. Treat!  Three hours learning, knitting, playing with colour and pattern; oh la la, any knitters reading this will understand what fun we had.  I want to acknowledge too, that the class was organised superbly by Aimee and MaryJane with take home notes, a 6-colour yarn kit for the workshop, delicious food and refreshments all provided in the class price.

We each selected our individual colour arrangement and knitted the charted pattern for a wristlet.  For some it was the first time using two colours at one time, and others like me had self-taught skills for multi-colour knitting.  At the end of the evening we compared swatches looking at how the colours harmonised, drowned each other, clashed, or popped.  The best advice: swatching, swatching, swatching – all is revealed in the swatch.

As well as the swatch knitting, MaryJane had shown us a stack of glorious Fair Isle sample swatches that were so inspiring I wanted to stop all other knitting and cast on new Fair Isle projects the minute I got home.  I restrained myself.  Instead I sat up in bed and read her (personally signed) book on Fair Isle motifs until the wee small hours!  (Don’t laugh.)

Having met these two immensely talented and lovely knitters I am more inspired than ever for all things knitting and yarny, and I’ve learnt a heap of things to develop my knitting skills.  Autumn has been full of seriously good knitting weeks.  Now if only my fingers could wield those pointy sticks even faster I’d be able to cast on more exciting new projects.


11 thoughts on “Seriously good knitting

  1. Carmel says:

    I wish we had a knitters group on hk ! Looks like so much fun !!

  2. Oh, there’s my little swatch! Thanks for reviewing the extraordinaire fairisle class we had. And yes, L’OisiveThé’s TricoThé (knit night) is something else.

  3. Eveline says:

    I came go knit-night only once but I have loved every moment of it ! It is so nice to share a hobby with others.
    The Shetland knitting lesson seems to have been awesome !!!! I love the patterns !

    • keiryberry says:

      You are so right Eveline, it is nice to share enjoyment of a hobby. We did have a wonderful evening when you were at tricot soirée. I hope to share another evening with you.

  4. Ann Montague says:

    Those swatches are soooo beautiful.

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