It’s beginning to look like Christmas

Happy Birthday Katherine

Happy Birthday Katherine

Yep, Christmas is coming; the street corner sellers have stacks of Christmas trees bound up in their netting covers waiting to be taken home, the florists have faux-snow covered mini trees, big elegant trees, fragrant pine wreaths to embellish at home and bucket loads of shiny holly.  The days darken early but the streets are lit and the store windows sparkle with decoration; the buzz of the season is all about.

I don’t truly focus on Christmas until we get past December 7th – our lovely daughter’s birthday.  This year it was a very special occasion, her 30th birthday!  How can that be?  It seems no time ago we were transporting seven 7-year olds to the Fairy shop on Ponsonby Road for a party complete with fairy lemonade, or playing pass-the-parcel in our living room and following party themed clues to hunt treasure in the park over the road.

Being the very capable grown up that she is, – and we are so proud of – she organised her own party this time.  Family and friends congregated in Hamburg to celebrate; the weather came to the party and turned on a cool clear day with a beautiful late afternoon sunset.  It was perfect for a walk beside the Alster to soak up the festive atmosphere before a wonderful evening at restaurant Rexrodt on Papenhuder Strasse; great company and delicious food.

The occasion doubled as the family get together as some of us will soon head down under for Christmas dinner from the barbecue in Kaiapoi, others will be roasting turkey in London and the German side of Katherine’s family will enjoy their present-opening on 24th December.  Thanks Kath, we had a great time and are looking forward to the next get together.

Knitting fiesta

Knitting fiesta

My cherubs indulged me by posing for a team photo complete with Mum-knitted uniforms of snowflake jersies and just-off-the-needles Hawick cowls knitted for the occasion.

It’s now time to focus on Christmas; there is a lot to fit in over the next couple of weeks, it’s all exciting and all go.  We’ll talk soon.


4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look like Christmas

  1. kiwiyarns says:

    That is an amazing collection of knits! Very festive too. You are very talented. And lucky that you still have your family around you although you are overseas.

    • keiryberry says:

      It is great that our “kids” are over here too, wasn’t planned, just turned out that way so we make the most of occasions to get together. They appreciate my hand knits now in the cold climate.

  2. Cindi isenhower says:

    Those sweaters are gorgeous! How lucky your kids are to having such a talented mum!

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