Moving along at the speed of time

Time flies at the same rate it always does, 24 hours a day.  So quite what I’ve done with all those 24-hour aliquots since I last posted is a bit of a mystery, but I know it was all fun.  For a start there has been plenty of knitting; I’ve made one of the loveliest knits ever; Belmont cardigan by Gudrun Johnson.  After finally selecting and sewing on the buttons, Belmont made its debut this week in welcome spring sunshine.

Belmont cardigan from Shetland Trader Book 2

Belmont cardigan from Shetland Trader Book 2

I’ve also finished a big manly project.  It was a big project in the sense that I started with a photograph of what we wanted; a shawl collared man’s sweater, and adapted those style elements from my pattern files to the yarn and stitch design we wanted.  There was a lot of maths and swatching to start, the theory was good.  The finished project looks good, the final test – and the photo shoot – is still to come.

Then there is the zany colourful Westknits design Enchanted Mesa.  Several times I thought “how is this going to work?”  In the end it does, very clever and fun to see it emerge off the needles.

Enchanted Mesa by Westknits

Enchanted Mesa – Westknits design

On my needles right now is Bien Aimee; a pretty lace shawl.  It’s my first foray into all over lace – one of my knitting goals for this year – and it’s a light and portable project that means I can keep knitting while we pack up and move!

Yes we are on the move to another part of Paris.  In fact just over the peripherique and out of the official Paris postal code.  The apartment we have been living in for almost 3 years is being sold and we’ve found an apartment to rent that is also walking distance to DB’s workplace and will be another new experience for us.  The contents of my yarn cupboard are packed and ready to go and with 3 years experience of living in France we think we’ve got all the pre-move arrangements covered.  When we arrived it took us 9 frustrating weeks to get our internet connection in place, this time with much improved French I was able to make the arrangements for re-direction of our existing service without breaking into a sweat.  It remains to be seen if the actual de-and-re-connection occurs as hoped, my fingers are crossed.  DB has even organised a very official Autorisation pour un demenagement; a permit to “guarantee” us parking space outside our current and future addresses for loading and unloading on the day of the move.  Despite that fact that we have accumulated more stuff than we thought, thankfully this is not an entire household move since we are shifting from one furnished apartment to another.  Moving in Paris is a challenge and often involves something like this…….

moving house Paris style

Moving house the Parisian way

If all goes according to plan I’ll tell you about our new neighbourhood in a couple of weeks.


4 thoughts on “Moving along at the speed of time

  1. Jan says:

    I saw people moving in what looks like the same street with the same sort of truck last November when I was in Paris. I was fascinated and spent a lovely coffee time watching.

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    Good luck with all the moving arrangements!

  3. Bon courage à tous deux! Déménager … c’est détestable. Will have have less space – as much – more?

  4. Barbara says:

    looking forward to seeing the Mesa !

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