We’re celebrating! Stitching up Paris is in print.

Yippee – now I can tell you about Stitching up Paris – The Book.
Yes a book! Just over a year ago my friend Barbara and I started working together to write a guide book to the fabulous selection of knitting, sewing, needlecraft and vintage boutiques, warehouses and market stalls that we love in Paris. This is the project that has occupied me with complete and utter pleasure throughout 2015, combining all the threads of my Parisian life; the creativity of writing and knitting, the history and beauty of Paris and the fun of shopping.
Today we have posted about the release of our book on the stitchingupparis blogsite. Do have a look, tell us what you think, and if you like it tell everybody else too! I’m off to celebrate.

Stitching up Paris

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our book Stitching up Paris: The Insider’s Guide to Parisian Knitting, Sewing, Notions and Needlecraft Stores.

In late 2014 we began this exciting project to write about the many fabulous stitching and needlecraft stores that we love in Paris. We set our sights on creating a crafter’s travel guide: enticing, yet practical enough to slip into your handbag for your trip around Paris. It’s finished; we love it and can’t wait to share it with you.

Along the way we’ve had a wonderful time chatting with store owners, hearing their stories and talking about our common passions for making things, stitching and needlecrafts and the joy we feel at discovering beautiful old textiles on market stalls. It is such a pleasure to share these stories with you in Stitching up Paris.

What’s inside the book? More than 65 addresses for shopping…

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9 thoughts on “We’re celebrating! Stitching up Paris is in print.

  1. Marie Roberts says:

    Congratulations Kiery on your fabulous book . You are an inspiration to us all in NZ . I have loved reading your blog over these years . Xx Marie

  2. You sneaky thing you, Keiry!!! What a brilliant surprise!

  3. Janne Belton says:

    Congratulations Keiry and Barbara too. It looks fab!

  4. soknitsome says:

    Fabulous! Congratulations!

  5. kiwiyarns says:

    What a brilliant initiative! Well done to you and Barbara! I’m thrilled for you!

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