Oh the places we went!

For the past couple of months we have been scampering around visiting places on our must-see list because a deadline looms: our Paris adventure is coming to an end! Very soon we will be on our way down-under, homeward bound. There are so many experiences to remember and stories to tell about living in Paris for the last four years, but for now let me show you the highlights of our last minute visits…..

As soon as the first hint of spring could be felt we got started on our list with a day trip out to Chateau Chantilly.


I was especially keen to see the room famous for its monkey drawings. These are the drawings that inspired Annie Bouquet (the tapestry artist I met when I was working on the Stitching up Paris book) to create her special collection of monkey tapestries. The artist Christophe Huet did the paintings in the mid 1730s for the Duc de Bourbon in the spirit of poking fun at the duc and his pastimes. The walls are completely covered with enchanting images of monkeys dressed like humans and engaged in human activities.


The chateau has a very interesting art collection – well worth the visit. This is the staircase in the Hall of Honour, apparently used as the filming location in a James Bond movie, I snapped the pic because of the fabulous ram’s head….association with sheep…knitting…you get the picture.


Cool but definitely spring-like for the weekend in Nancy (and Metz) to see the art nouveau glass collections at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Nancy and the Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy. Fancy in Nancy sums it up: exquisitely beautiful colour and form,  these exhibits wowed me. (I felt a connection with knitting yarn colours, especially the fashion for multi-coloured speckled effects and varigations – a really inspiring visit to Nancy.)


Next up a bit further afield – a long weekend in Stockholm staying on board the Malardrottningen Hotel, once a luxury yacht and now permanently moored in the Gamla-Stan district, the old town  of central Stockholm.P1080881

With fabulously warm sunny weather (after a less than warm spring in Paris), we were out and about exploring all over the city and long into the evening. We loved every minute.



Top marks for presentation to the Vasa Museum

Back to France and away to the countryside for the day – Burgundy vines near Beaune in the heart of the wine region were greening up.P1080983 A Wisteria draped nonchalantly over an ordinary stone wall pretties up the picture no end.P1080972

The Hótel-Dieu hospice de Beaune


The day we were in Beaune just happened by chance to coincide with a rally of vintage Citroen cars. Very interesting.P1080939

Of course spring means flowers and for us this year that meant the famous Chelsea flower show in London. We had wanted to do this visit for a long time and we made it – in great weather and with loads of other people.P1090086

Plenty of pretty pinks and purples but interesting to note that beige, brown and peachy coloured flowers seemed to be in fashion – fine by me!P1090103


The garden art was fantastic – hares seemed to be popular – some made of wire, others of bronze and fabulous sculptures made of driftwood. P1090090P1090093P1090097

Probably just as well they were too big for a suitcase…..

Back home and the spring showers that Paris is famous for were a bit too much


The boarding platform for the Batobus is somewhere down there!P1090133

Along with the pleasure of making friends comes the wrench of saying goodbye. We’ve had weekend excursions and picnics and lunch dates in the most wonderful locations to say goodbye to our dear friends. The rain and mizzle kept us company most of the time!




L’Abbaye Royaumont, Asnieres sur Oise

Now it’s time to finish the packing.



8 thoughts on “Oh the places we went!

  1. Raewyn Harris says:

    I have loved your blog entries and will be sad that they are coming to an end. Best wishes for your return to NZ.
    Raewyn Harris

  2. Derely says:

    Keiry, you have surpassed yourself with this wonderful blog! I will be among many who will miss your very good insightful portrayals from Paris and beyond. Take care, Derely.

  3. Great writing and photos yet once again, Keiry. It will be sad to know that it is too late to come and say hello in Paris, but we loved seeing you in Charolles. I dare say you have seen my “chocolate post” in the organ blog: that the chocolate will be ready for the big day, plus the book, plus the CD … almost another miracle. From now on we are refusing bookings (free, but necessary to get in) and the pace is hectic. I’ll be thinking of you as you fly out only a few days beforehand. Mixed feelings as you take off – and then touch down. All our love!

    • keiryberry says:

      Thank you Lois, so pleased to read in your blog that everything is coming together. We are sorry to be missing the event, and the chocolates! Very best wishes for the big day/week.

  4. kiwiyarns says:

    How many wonderful and dear memories you will have of your amazing time in Paris and the rest of Europe. Thank you for sharing your adventures! Good luck with packing up, and safe travels home! It would be awesome to actually meet you one day in Wellington.

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